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Frequently asked questions about hypnotherapy and hypnosis:

What is hypnosis?

In hypnosis one is more open to suggestion. Here we bypass the critical, logical, less resistant aspects of the conscious mind and communicate directly to the unconscious mind, where all automated behavior and patterns reside. Hence, hypnosis is the optimal state to change underlying problematic patterns.

What can hypnotherapy help with?

Hypnotherapy can help alleviate any problem where the mind and thinking creates issues. Common modifiable conditions treated successfully with hypnotherapy include; anxiety and stress relief, sleep disorders/insomnia, procrastination, low self-esteem and beliefs, addictions, weight loss, compulsions, phobias and many more conditions.

Can hypnotherapy make anxiety worse? 

No, it would be almost impossible to make anxiety worse through hypnosis unless it was deliberate. The recipient chooses which suggestions to take on and those to ignore. The recipient is not controlled by the hypnotherapist and is always in control. An ethical, qualified hypnotherapist is bound to always do only that which is in the best interest of the recipient, therefore aims to relieve and eliminate ones anxiety not worsen it.

How many sessions are required?

It depends on how deeply and how long the problem/pattern has existed. It is impossible to predict exactly how many sessions as each individual and their presenting issue is unique. I anticipate we can ease anxiety/stress and start to shift thought processes in the first session. Hypnotherapy for anxiety is rapid and effective and most experience anxiety ease in the first session.  For many situations 3-6 sessions may be required. 

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What are the advantages of hypnotherapy over other therapies?

Although we do require some personalized details to personalise the treatment plan to your specific needs, less talk of the past and details are required. It is case dependent, as some people need to share more as a release, especially if it is something they haven't emotionally processed.

Hypnotherapy for anxiety focuses less on your 'whys' and more on your solutions to orient you away from the problem. Because the hypnotherapist requires less of your story, the response and relief is more rapid and requires less sessions than regular talk therapy. Online hypnotherapy is accessible to anyone, anywhere.

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