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Are you tired of anxiety ruling your life? Is physical pain getting you down? Maybe you are feeling overwhelmed with emotions from past traumatic incident/s. Trauma has a way of keeping us feeling powerless, persecuted and unable to move forward. On a biological level, trauma literally is immobilized energy stuck in freeze mode.

Many people claim to feel stuck and unable to break free from negative thoughts and feelings. Although our symptoms vary greatly, you may have a sense that physical or emotional discomfort has become you, who you are, your story.

Does this sound/feel like you?

At Hypnosis-Wise we are all about solutions, YOUR solutions. CALL FOR A FREE PHONE CONSULTATION to find out how ONLINE hypnotherapy for anxiety, physical pain & trauma can alleviate & change your mind. You can embrace positive change and truly alter your perceptions to manage your emotions in a more effective way.

We treat

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Modifiable conditions include:

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  • Anxiety/stress/anger/overthinking

  • Physical pain/discomfort/tension 

  • Trauma/ptsd/cptsd

  • Weight loss (release)/binge eating/diet, health and fitness management

  • Poor self-esteem/body image

  • Improve motivation/focus in study & business

  • Obsessive compulsive behavior/habit cessation

  • Sleep disturbances/insomnia

  • Any condition where your thoughts and patterns impact you and your behavior in a negative way.

      You can upgrade limited thinking & beliefs in all aspects of your life

How our Hypno-Psychotherapy approach works:

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Hypnotherapy for anxiety


Hypnotherapy for weight loss
Clinical Hypnotherapy
Strategic Psychotherapy
Solutions for You

In hypnosis one is more open to suggestion. We can bypass the critical, logical thinking of the conscious mind and communicate directly with the unconscious aspect of the mind. Here, less resistance allows us to eliminate dysfunctional cognitive and behavioral patterns and introduce new ideas and perspectives. 

Strategic Psychotherapy is a client centered, therapist led, solution oriented approach. The therapist asks specific questions designed to identify your experiential gaps. Then using hypnosis as the vehicle, the therapist begins to fill in the gaps and advise you how you can function more effectively.

With the application of effective strategies delivered through hypnosis, you can begin to alleviate anxiety and start to manage your thoughts and feelings in a more effective way.  When you know how, you get to control your internal responses to the external world, and you can create and achieve your desired experiences & outcome.

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